Getting excited to celebrate the holidays? Now is the perfect time to deal with the trees on your property so that you’re ready to decorate, prepared for bad weather, and able to enjoy your outdoor space safely. Keep reading for details on how to get your trees ready for the season.

1. Have trees pruned before putting up fairy lights

Planning to adorn your trees in fairy lights this year? Before you put them up, it’s a good idea to have your trees professionally pruned. This will get them looking their best and create a nice shape for you to arrange your lights around. It also ensures lights won’t be hung from branches that are likely to break or fall, meaning they’ll stay in place all season.

2. Get damaged trees removed before bad weather hits

The holiday season can bring bad weather, and high winds put already-damaged trees at risk of falling down or scattering debris. Reduce the risk of harm to your family and property by having these trees removed before storms hit. If you’ve got a tree you’re not sure about, ask a professional to assess it for you. In some cases, pruning may be enough to reduce the risk.

3. Have stumps removed so children can play outdoors safely

Looking forward to watching the kids play out in the snow this Christmas? Or ride new bikes around the yard? If you’ve got any tree stumps sticking out of the ground, now is the best time to get them removed. Some stumps aren’t easily visible if the grass has grown up around them – especially to excited children! Luckily, there’s an easy fix. Stump grinding is a simple way of bringing stumps level to the ground, removing the trip hazard.


Don’t let a damaged tree or stump get in the way of your holiday plans. Contact Walt’s Tree Services today to get your property ready for safe, festive fun.