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3 Ways Tree Limb Removal Can Protect Your Home

Trees perform important functions around the world. For instance, they provide shade and generate oxygen. They can also make your property look more attractive.

At a certain point, though, tree limbs become dangerous to you and your home. Learn about how trees can affect you negatively so you will know when to have someone remove dead and long limbs from your land.

Dead Tree Limbs Can Damage Roofs

Dead tree limbs don’t have the flexibility of living limbs. That makes it easy for a storm to snap the wood and bring a heavyweight crashing onto your roof.

Common signs of dead limbs include:

  • Dead leaves while the rest of the tree is bare.
  • No leaves when other branches have them.
  • Fungus growing on the wood.
  • Smooth wood where you’d expect to find bark.

If you see any of these signs of dead wood, then you should have a tree service remove the limbs before they damage your roof.

High Tree Limbs Could Harm Your Roof or Chimney

Wood doesn’t have to die before it becomes a danger to your home. Extremely tall trees that have limbs hanging over your house can also cause problems. If a strong storm managed to break the living branches, then they could harm your roof or chimney.

A little maintenance can go a long way. If your trees have large limbs hanging over your house, then have someone trim them for you.

Large Tree Limbs Can Damage Your Home’s Siding

A short tree limb doesn’t have much fiber that can bend during high winds and heavy storms. The longer a limb gets, the more it can move. If the waving limbs come into contact with your home’s siding, then they can cause rips and tears. In some situations, branches can even rip siding off of a house.

Again, you can protect your property by having a professional trim tree limbs that could come into contact with your home.

When it comes to protecting your home, you don’t want to take any chances. Reach out to Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal to have a professional make your property safer.

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