5 Reasons You Need to Remove Trees

June 2, 2024

Trees are an integral part of residential landscape design and contribute to the ecology of backyard spaces. They add aesthetic value, increase the resale price, and improve the air quality of your home.

But dead or dying trees are unsightly and can spread disease or attract pests. Even worse, they can fall causing property damage.

Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal can help you determine if you should remove a diseased tree or not. In the case of dying or dead trees, you got no option but to remove them as soon as possible from your backyard. As a professional and affordable tree removal company, we offer 24/7 services to assist you to remove dead, diseased, or dying trees.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to remove dead trees from your backyard.

1. Dead Trees are Dangerous 

Decaying dead, diseased, or dying trees can fall easily. When trees fall, they can damage your property, or injure your loved ones. A dead tree is a lingering danger and should be removed immediately. Consider cutting up dying branches hanging from a living tree.

2. Sick Trees Can Spread Diseases 

Dead trees can have contagious tree diseases that can quickly spread to other plants. Tree diseases like powdery mildew or leave blight can spread rapidly and affect healthy plants. Eliminate diseased trees from your backyard to prevent them from spreading plant diseases.

3. Dead Trees Attract Pests 

As dead trees decompose, they become a home for rodents and vermins. Snags and logs from dead trees are habitats for various pests. Consider removing them before they introduce mice, roaches, and other pests into your home.

4. Reduced Home Aesthetic Value 

Dead or dying trees can potentially lower the resale value of your home. Snags can reduce curb appeal and consequently, the listing price of your home.

5. Liability 

When a dead tree in your backyard damages your neighbor’s property, you will be liable for the damages. Avoid such unfortunate situations by removing that dead, diseased, or dying tree in your without further delay.

When you realize there is a dead or dying tree in your backyard, consider removing it forthwith. You can reach out to us to enjoy a 24/7 tree removal service.

Let Us Handle Your Tree Care! Trust Our Reliable Service for Tree Removal, Pruning, Stump Grinding, and Removal Across the Peninsula.

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