Have you considered removing a tree stump from your yard on your own? We know saving money can be tempting, but trust us, it’s just not worth it. Read on to find out why you should skip the DIY and leave tree stump removal to us.


  1. You Can Get Injured

Removing a tree stump requires the use of several tools, including saws and so much more. These tools can be very dangerous for someone without experience. Plus, removing a tree stump—even with the best tools—still requires some old-fashioned muscle. If you don’t lift correctly, you can cause serious injury to your back. The experts at Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal are ready for the job and are able to complete it safely.


  1. You Can Damage the Yard

Digging up a tree stump isn’t as easy as it appears. The deep roots of the tree may spread out farther than you realize on the surface. Before you know it, you may have cut up half your yard trying to get rid of the stump. If you do so improperly, you may end up spending way more to fix everything.


  1. Doing It Wrong Will Decrease Your Property Value

If you remove a tree stump incorrectly, it can damage the rest of the vegetation nearby. This can make the whole yard look worse and actually lower the value of your property. Remember, curb appeal plays a big role in the sale of a home. Let Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal get the job done properly so you can retain the value of your home.


  1. It’s a Safety Hazard

Improper removal of a tree stump can damage the foundation of your home. The roots can continue to spread even if the tree has been cut and a part of the stump removed. This can lead to very costly damages in the future.


  1. Nearby Trees Can Decay

If you have healthy trees near your rotting tree stump, they may get sick from the diseased tree stump growing close by. Removing a tree stump is the best way to preserve the rest of your trees, grass, and garden. You can count on Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal for their expert stump grinding services, which can get rid of unwanted, dead tree stumps.


Should I Hire Professionals?


You should absolutely hire a professional company for tree stump removal. This can save you time and effort and prevent serious injury. Save money in the future by hiring professional tree stump removers today.