As The Storm Season Approaches – Walt’s Tree & Stump

When you think about home safety, you tend to think about things like fire alarms and security systems, but what about storms? Storms can seriously damage your home if you are not ready, so think about what you need to know.

  1. Make sure that you have an emergency kit on hand, including things like a first aid kit, water, chemical light sticks, phone numbers, cash, food, and a can opener. A storm can knock out power for several days, and it is important to keep everyone fed.
  2. Tape the windows. Storms cause enormous atmospheric changes, and you will find that they can also fling around a lot of debris. If you tape your window panes with plain masking tape, forming an x, you can prevent the glass from shattering in a way that will hurt your family.
  3. Listen to the news on a battery-operated radio. If the power goes out, you cannot count on being able to access your phone or your computer. The radio will tell you when it is safe to move about and when you need to stay right where you are.
  4. Keep everyone in a sheltered area. If you have a cellar or basement, that is the safest place to go. If you do not, stay on the ground floor and pack the family into space with no windows in the interior of the house. This is likely a bathroom, and even if it is a rather tiny space, it is the safest, most secure place in your home. Make sure that everyone stays put.
  5. After a storm hits, you need to start cleaning up as soon as you can. This is where Walt’s Tree and Stump services come in. We can make sure that your yard is free of debris as soon as the weather clears up.