Tree Removal for Home Protection

Tree at side of house

Trees on your property can be a great source of shade in the hot summer months, and they also add beauty to a yard. However, too many trees, especially trees that are close to the house, can be a liability. Rough weather can bring large, heavy tree limbs crashing down on your home and property,…

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Why You Should Remove Your Dying Trees

Tree Climbing

When a tree dies or becomes diseased, it’s important to have it removed quickly and safely. If it isn’t removed, a diseased tree may spread its blight to other trees throughout the neighborhood and kill them off. If a tree is dead or is dying and it begins to rot, the tree will collapse and…

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Storm Safety

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  Storm Safety –  Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal Tropical storms and hurricanes cause a variety of damage. Their high winds and flooding waters can turn any home into a pile of debris. Your safety isn’t automatically guaranteed the minute the storm conditions subside. If you escaped the area where the storm hit, your safety…

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Walt’s Storm Protection

House with tree

Newport News, VA, and surrounding areas certainly see their fair share of stormy, windy weather. Quite often, storms cause tree limbs to snap and fall or whole trees to topple, causing excess damage to your home and property. To minimize the risk, many homeowners utilize the storm protection services of Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal.…

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Tree Pruning – Add to the Beauty of Your Landscape

Tree Pruning - Add to the Beauty of Your Landscape

Tree pruning is an essential part of keeping your home looking well cared for. Anyone passing by the house would see any trees out front immediately, so if the trees are overgrown, lopsided, or otherwise unattractive, that could affect the curb appeal of your home. If you’re trying to sell your home, that lack of…

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Walt’s Tree Services

Leaves in sunlight

Trees and tree stumps require regular maintenance. Otherwise, they can look unsightly or cause damage to your property. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in tree and stump removal. This service improves the appearance (and safety) of your yard and provides a return on investment.   Why you need professional tree/stump removal This…

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Dead Branches

Cut Limbs

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, dead tree branches pose a danger to your home, property, and loved ones. A harsh wind isn’t necessary for a dead tree branch to fall on power lines, roofs, cars, or people. A rotted branch can break off a tree with a gentle breeze or no breeze at…

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Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal

Tree Stump

The coming of spring portends a season of renewal. Landscaping becomes a priority during this period as plants bloom. Untrimmed tree branches may cause immediate hazards to neighbor residents while obstructing precious sunlight for your home garden. Trees may cause property damage to fences, windows, and sidings without proper maintenance.   A landscaping specialist can…

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As The Storm Season Approaches-Are You Prepared?

tree removal

As The Storm Season Approaches – Walt’s Tree & Stump When you think about home safety, you tend to think about things like fire alarms and security systems, but what about storms? Storms can seriously damage your home if you are not ready, so think about what you need to know. Make sure that you…

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Outstanding Job!

I had a dead pine tree removed from my rental property yesterday. The back yard was surrounded by a fence with only a small gate which made the job much more difficult. Walt’s crew did an outstanding job removing the tree without any damage to the surrounding trees, homes, or the fence. But I was…

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