Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, dead tree branches pose a danger to your home, property, and loved ones.

A harsh wind isn’t necessary for a dead tree branch to fall on power lines, roofs, cars, or people. A rotted branch can break off a tree with a gentle breeze or no breeze at all.
Additionally, dead tree branches promote the growth of fungi and other organisms, including insects, that can rot healthy parts of a tree or spread to nearby trees.

Wood burrowers, such as termites, can also quickly move from a dead branch to your home resulting in massive infestations that you don’t realize exist until it is too late.
Damages caused by falling dead branches, as well as the removal of insect infestations, are often expensive. With pest control, you also run the risk of exposure to toxic chemicals that can cause long-term health problems.

To make trees near your home safe, contact Walt’s Tree and Stump for service. Walt’s can remove existing obvious dead branches and perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine if any trees contain internal rot that could contribute to future incidents