As we head into the winter, the natural progression of weather and the seasons can result in some adverse effects to your yard’s wildlife – specifically, to your trees. A tree is a living being. Like every being, it has a life cycle – birth, adolescence, adolescence, middle-age, seniority, death. With the onset of winter, it’s time for homeowners to do something about those trees that are nearing the end of their lifespan or those that are sick or beyond hope.


Why is this important? First, it’s essential for aesthetic reasons. A dead, sickly, or dying tree puts an ugly blight on your front yard. You don’t want to let a dying tree be the thing people remember about your property!


Second, addressing dead or dying trees is important for health and safety reasons. Dead trees can topple over at any moment, or have their branches break off with slight touches or stiff breezes. Those situations can cause property damage for you or others along with the potential for significant personal injury.


Don’t Wait – Deal With Your Dead Trees Now!


Give Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal a call as soon as possible to help safely remove those dead, dying, or sickly trees on your property! If you need tree and stump removal in and around Newport News, Yorktown, and Hampton Roads in Virginia, give Walt’s a call right away. Our trained professionals provide safe and cost-effective services that will get your yard looking in tip-top shape as soon as possible!

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