This all depends on the type of job and what equipment we will need to use. So, we cannot give you an estimate over the phone because we will need to see what we are working with. So, you can either send us some pictures or we can come out and look at the job and give you an onsite quote. Many things come into play when we are giving you a quote such as where the stump is located, how low the stump is cut to the ground and if there are any roots.

This is another scenario where we would need to come look at the job and give you an onsite quote. All trees are different in size and location. If you have a tree close to your home, near power lines, or a pool underneath this will make the job a little more difficult than if you have a tree in a big open field. Our main concern is not hurting you or your property. So, before we can give you an exact quote we would like to come and see what kind of job we are dealing with so that we can prepare and take the correct approach with the needed equipment to get the job done right!