How to Prepare Your Property for Bad Weather

How to Prepare Your Property for Bad Weather
If you live in our part of the country, you know the difference between a poor forecast and really bad weather. It’s something we live with every year: hurricanes tend to be an annual reality.

But our lives go one despite the storms – and it’s important that our properties do, too. So how do you prepare when the weather forecast looks nasty?

5 Steps to Get Ready for A Storm

Inclimate weather is variable. Sometimes it lasts for a few hours; sometimes it lasts for a week. Sometimes we get plenty of warning; sometimes it happens in a sudden fury.

So it’s important to be flexible. But there are a few basic practices you can incorporate into your life as a homeowner to mitigate damage:

  1. Stay vigilant
    Don’t ignore the weather forecast. If you see that a storm is coming, take it seriously!
  2. Know our region
    Spoiler alert: we tend to get major storms or hurricanes in the spring and autumn. Prepare your property ahead of time to mitigate risk from the outset.
  3. Trim your limbs
    Are limbs hanging close to the house? They need to go. These will be the first to fly off in the event of a storm – and your home could be collateral damage.
  4. Inspect your trees
    It’s normal to get attached to trees on your property. But if they’re dead or leaning over your home, they pose a serious risk.
  5. Have an expert on speed dial
    Inclimate weather happens. Tree issues happen. And when they do, Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal has the answer for you and your property.

Storms are a reality – and the damage that comes along with it is a reality, too. Our team is proud to help you protect your property with a complete suite of tree trimming and removal service. Because who says that a storm should have the upper hand?