A tree should be removed when it’s dead or sick and too close to the homeowner’s house or their neighbor’s house. Some people with large properties might opt to leave a dead tree up if it doesn’t pose a danger as some birds nest in dead trees. But if a dead tree is in danger of falling on a house or falling on overhead wires, it will need to be taken down. A person can usually tell a dead tree because it, for one thing, no longer leaves out. Sometimes the bark peels and the wood beneath is dry and lifeless. A tree that’s terminally ill might have fewer leaves than it used to have. Those leaves might be stunted and discolored. The tree might also have mushrooms growing on and around it.

Another reason to remove a tree is if it’s simply grown too big for its space and is shading out and stealing nutrients from other plants that the homeowner wants. Its branches might also be rubbing against the house, which can damage cladding or roof shingles. The tree’s roots might also have become invasive and can have punctured the home’s main drain or even cracked its foundation slab. Some trees produce noxious or sticky fruit that might befoul a deck or a patio.

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