Professional Stump Removal & Grinding Service In Hampton, VA

You love your property. And you love the trees that make your landscaping stand out.

Our stump grinding service removes the vestiges of trees that are no longer a part of your property. This simple service gets your Hampton home back on track.

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Stumps Are Ugly

Tree stumps are an ugly eyesore on your property. There are a lot of reasons that they stick around, too. Our team serves clients grappling with stump issues from:

  • A new property: Stump grinding is a simple and economical service, but property owners often put it off. If you’ve just purchased a new property and inherited a “stump issue,” then it’s time to reclaim your property’s curb appeal.
  • A safety issue: Sometimes, trees need to be cut down if they’re dead or dying. If you opt for a “quick fix,” you may cut down most of the tree and leave the stump behind to stay. Stump grinding will bring this process to the finish line.
  • Landscaping: Need to make room for flower beds, want to install a fence, or need to reseed your lawn? We ensure that a stump won’t get in the way.
  • Aesthetic needs: Trees sometimes get removed for curb appeal reasons. But if your stump is still hanging around, the positive impact is incomplete.

Walt’s Tree Service will bring your property needs all the way to the finish line with our professional stump grinding service in Hampton. The process is simple – and the results will benefit your property for years to come!

Our Stump Grinding Process

Walt’s Tree Service makes stump grinding simple. Our specialists have the expertise and equipment to safely and effectively remove existing stumps from your property, so you can get your exterior back on track. We:

  • Remove stumps of all sizes: We have two stump grinding machines ranging in size depending on the size of your stump. This ensures that you’re getting the high quality solution your property needs. There is no stump too small or too large for us!
  • Tailor our approach to your stump location: We have a small stump grinder that is accessible through a 36-inch gate, and we are also outfitted with a large stump grinder that will tackle any stump, as long as your location is accessible.
  • Grind stump below grade: Our specialists typically grind stumps 4-6 inches below grade. This is essential to encourage healthy grass development for your property, and it ensures that your landscaping is always on point.

With specialist stump grinding, you’re getting the result your exterior deserves – and you’re getting a solution that can be tailored to your specific property. Every stump grinding service is different, but our team is here to address each and every one.

Beneficial For Curb Appeal And Safety

Stump grinding isn’t just the best way to remove a stump from your Hampton property – it’s also the most economical solution. With a professional service, you’re getting the best for your exterior. This also leads to long-term benefits in:

  • Curb appeal: Stumps are a serious eyesore for a property. And when they stick around, they bring your curb appeal down.
  • Safety: Simply put: stumps get in the way. There’s no reason that this needs to be an obstacle to your property’s safety and wellbeing.
  • Logistics: Stumps can prevent you from performing simple maintenance tasks around your property. We make it easier to mow your lawn, maintain your garden beds, and keep up with simple home improvement tasks.
  • Insect mitigation: Stumps are a dream habitat for insects – particularly termites and ants. These bugs are an inconvenience anywhere on your property, but they become a costly issue if they come into your home.
  • Healthy growth: Dead trees may be a host to infectious diseases that could spread to other trees on your property. When you remove a stump from your property, you’re also removing that risk.

Don’t settle for a property that falls short of your vision of perfection. Our team delivers the safe, professional, and convenient stump grinding solution you need to invest in the best for your exterior. With Walt’s Tree Service, you can protect your property – today and for years into the future! We bring out the best in your home with stump removal made simple.

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“On behalf of me and my family I would like to say thank for removing the four remaining gum trees in our yard. For the past six years they have worried us due to the fact that two of them were close to our house and in some of the past storms they have dropped a few big limbs that have come to close to hitting our house. You provided us with a fair estimate compared to your competitors. You and your guys did an excellent and professional job at a reasonable price. If anyone was to ask me who to call to have a tree pruned, removed or just need to have some stumps grinded, you would be the one I would tell them to call. You have made me and my family feel much safer now.”

– Tim

Excellence would be the best description for the service provided by Walt and his crew. On time and no time wasted. Yard looks like they were never there after removing 3 trees and some additional pruning.”

– Steve

“We’ve had Walt and his crew come to our house 3 times in the last 5 years. They’ve trimmed trees, cut down several trees, (including a large lob lolly) and ground up several stumps. They are professional and careful in their work. Other plants and the shed are never damaged, they haul everything away and clean up totally. I absolutely recommend Walt’s Tree Service.”

– Gail

“I had a dead pine tree removed from my rental property yesterday. The back yard was surrounded by a fence with only a small gate which made the job much more difficult. Walt’s crew did and outstanding job removing the tree without any damage to the surround trees, homes, or the fence. But I was most impressed by the attention to detail in the clean up. They ensured that even the pieces of bark that came off the tree were cleaned up and carted off. It was a truly outstanding job and I will be happy to use them again in the future and recommend them to anyone I know.”

– Mark

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