Storms really aren’t fun. They’re loud, they’re rainy, they scare our beloved animals — and they can do a lot of damage to our home landscape. We’ve all been in that situation after a particularly bad thunderstorm, looking out the window to find out that the wind, rain, and hail have wreaked havoc on your beloved yard. Who can you turn to in the aftermath of that storm? After all, in Virginia, we’re right in the zone of some of the worst storms in the country.

How Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal Can Help

No need to panic in the wake of one of these damaging storms. Turn to the experts at Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal to help clean up the mess! Here’s what Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal can do:

  • Our storm damage cleanup services will get the mess removed and get your yard restored to its former glory.
  • Our wind damage restoration services help make sure your yard is safe and sound after a storm, ensuring that all of your trees are in good working order. 

Give us a call for 24-hour support when you face:

  • Local severe thunderstorms like the ones we have every spring, summer, and fall here in Virginia
  • A lightning strike that hits the worst parts of your property
  • A tropical storm or hurricane that rolls through with high winds, rain, and general destruction 

Getting Started With Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal

Face any of these problems? Call the experts at Walt’s to get them fixed! We proudly serve the Newport News, Yorktown, York County, and Hampton Roads areas in Virginia.