Tree Pruning From Walt’s Tree And Stump Removal

There’s nothing that brings more delight to a front or back yard than beautiful trees. These lush natural wonders elevate our views, provide shade, and deliver a much-needed dose of greenery to our everyday lives.   However, trees (as with all living things) grow, and grow, and grow. Eventually, their growth can become a problem…

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Walt’s Tree and Stump Wind Damage Services

Cream house with trees

  Your yard’s trees can make your property look amazing. The right trees add a touch of natural beauty (and the gorgeous colors of fall) to your green space. Unfortunately, for all of their beauty, trees are always susceptible to the elements – especially when it comes to the high winds of storms.   Those…

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Walt’s Emergency Services

storm damage restoration

The trees on your property are part of what makes your home a home. They provide shade and comfort and help to increase the overall curb appeal of your property. Unfortunately, sometimes severe weather can damage a tree or cause one to fall. When an emergency such as that happens, you need a tree service…

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Walt’s Storm Protection

House with tree

Newport News, VA, and surrounding areas certainly see their fair share of stormy, windy weather. Quite often, storms cause tree limbs to snap and fall or whole trees to topple, causing excess damage to your home and property. To minimize the risk, many homeowners utilize the storm protection services of Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal.…

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