Tree Pruning From Walt’s Tree And Stump Removal

There’s nothing that brings more delight to a front or back yard than beautiful trees. These lush natural wonders elevate our views, provide shade, and deliver a much-needed dose of greenery to our everyday lives.   However, trees (as with all living things) grow, and grow, and grow. Eventually, their growth can become a problem…

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Yard Moles and Your Yard

Yard moles—a funny-sounding name for an animal, but also a name that can have deadly serious consequences for your property. They might sound cute, but if not properly dealt with, those little “yard moles” can enact a lot of damage and cause a serious hit to your wallet. So, what exactly are yard moles, what…

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Walt’s Tree and Stump Wind Damage Services

Cream house with trees

  Your yard’s trees can make your property look amazing. The right trees add a touch of natural beauty (and the gorgeous colors of fall) to your green space. Unfortunately, for all of their beauty, trees are always susceptible to the elements – especially when it comes to the high winds of storms.   Those…

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Tree Removal for Home Protection

Tree at side of house

Trees on your property can be a great source of shade in the hot summer months, and they also add beauty to a yard. However, too many trees, especially trees that are close to the house, can be a liability. Rough weather can bring large, heavy tree limbs crashing down on your home and property,…

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