5 Reasons You Shouldn’t DIY Tree Stump Removal

Have you considered removing a rotting tree stump from your yard on your own? We know saving money can be tempting, but trust us, it’s just not worth it. Read on to find out exactly why you should skip the DIY and leave tree stump removal to the professionals.   You Can Get Injured Removing…

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What You Should Know About Vine and Climber Removal Service

tree pruning

  Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal offers a superior vine and climber removal service that protects the overall health of your tree. Did you know that vines and climbers can damage and kill trees on your property? So get them removed as soon as possible.   We have provided tree and stump removal services in Newport…

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Tree Removal for Home Protection

Tree at side of house

Trees on your property can be a great source of shade in the hot summer months, and they also add beauty to a yard. However, too many trees, especially trees that are close to the house, can be a liability. Rough weather can bring large, heavy tree limbs crashing down on your home and property,…

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Walt’s Storm Protection

House with tree

Newport News, VA, and surrounding areas certainly see their fair share of stormy, windy weather. Quite often, storms cause tree limbs to snap and fall or whole trees to topple, causing excess damage to your home and property. To minimize the risk, many homeowners utilize the storm protection services of Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal.…

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