Summer Storms Are Approaching!

Storm Damage Tree Removal Newport News VA

Summer is well on its way, and while that means time for vacations and relaxing outside, it also brings the dreaded summer storms. With strong winds, heavy rain, lightning, and thunder, these storms can wreak havoc on your property and the surrounding land quickly.  They can rip up plants, tear tiles off your home, and…

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Storms. We All Hate Them!

Storms really aren’t fun. They’re loud, they’re rainy, they scare our beloved animals — and they can do a lot of damage to our home landscape. We’ve all been in that situation after a particularly bad thunderstorm, looking out the window to find out that the wind, rain, and hail have wreaked havoc on your…

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Walt’s Tree and Stump Wind Damage Services

Cream house with trees

  Your yard’s trees can make your property look amazing. The right trees add a touch of natural beauty (and the gorgeous colors of fall) to your green space. Unfortunately, for all of their beauty, trees are always susceptible to the elements – especially when it comes to the high winds of storms.   Those…

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Storm Safety

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  Storm Safety –  Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal Tropical storms and hurricanes cause a variety of damage. Their high winds and flooding waters can turn any home into a pile of debris. Your safety isn’t automatically guaranteed the minute the storm conditions subside. If you escaped the area where the storm hit, your safety…

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As The Storm Season Approaches-Are You Prepared?

tree removal

As The Storm Season Approaches – Walt’s Tree & Stump When you think about home safety, you tend to think about things like fire alarms and security systems, but what about storms? Storms can seriously damage your home if you are not ready, so think about what you need to know. Make sure that you…

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