Walt’s Tree & Stump: Your Partner in Maintaining a Safe and Beautiful Property

At Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and visually appealing outdoor environment for your home. Servicing Newport News, Hampton,  Yorktown, Grafton, Seaford, and surrounding areas, our commitment to delivering top-quality work is unwavering. We specialize in a wide array of tree-related services, ensuring that your property is both…

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Summer Storms Are Approaching!

Storm Damage Tree Removal Newport News VA

Summer is well on its way, and while that means time for vacations and relaxing outside, it also brings the dreaded summer storms. With strong winds, heavy rain, lightning, and thunder, these storms can wreak havoc on your property and the surrounding land quickly.  They can rip up plants, tear tiles off your home, and…

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Why Turn to Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal to Get Rid of Stumps

Let’s talk about the “stump removal” part of Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal name! If you really and genuinely adore your property, you need to make sure you have the best “curb appeal” out there. One of the best ways to secure that curb appeal for anyone walking by is to get rid of all of…

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Walt’s Crane Services

Crane Services

While the trees around our homes and businesses breathe life into the air, they can also be dangerous. From lighting strikes to hurricanes, these can easily knock down a tree and cause life-threatening situations. If you’re ever in need of emergency tree removal services, turn to the experts here at Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal. We’re…

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Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal: Storm Damage


  Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal specializes in emergency tree care for homeowners like you. With years of storm damage experience, we provide 24-hour tree care solutions in various emergencies, with cleanup and restoration services that suit all budgets.   We’re proud to provide emergency tree care for the following communities: Yorktown Newport News Hampton Poquoson Emergency…

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Tree Removal for Home Protection

Tree at side of house

Trees on your property can be a great source of shade in the hot summer months, and they also add beauty to a yard. However, too many trees, especially trees that are close to the house, can be a liability. Rough weather can bring large, heavy tree limbs crashing down on your home and property,…

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Why You Should Remove Your Dying Trees

Tree Climbing

When a tree dies or becomes diseased, it’s important to have it removed quickly and safely. If it isn’t removed, a diseased tree may spread its blight to other trees throughout the neighborhood and kill them off. If a tree is dead or is dying and it begins to rot, the tree will collapse and…

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Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal

Tree Stump

The coming of spring portends a season of renewal. Landscaping becomes a priority during this period as plants bloom. Untrimmed tree branches may cause immediate hazards to neighbor residents while obstructing precious sunlight for your home garden. Trees may cause property damage to fences, windows, and sidings without proper maintenance.   A landscaping specialist can…

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Who Do You Call After April Showers?

April Showers

Each year, we greet the spring because it is nice to see cold weather end. Regardless, Mother Nature is not very kind even though beautiful flowers are blooming. When big storms blow through your neighborhood, high winds can break trees in half or cause branches to fall. Tree removal services can help take care of…

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5 Reasons You Need to Remove Dead, Dying or Diseased Trees

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Trees are an integral part of residential landscape design and contribute to the ecology of backyard spaces. They add aesthetic value, increase the resale price, and improve the air quality of your home. But dead or dying trees are unsightly and can spread disease or attract pests. Even worse, they can fall causing property damage.…

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