Tree pruning is an essential part of keeping your home looking well cared for. Anyone passing by the house would see any trees out front immediately, so if the trees are overgrown, lopsided, or otherwise unattractive, that could affect the curb appeal of your home. If you’re trying to sell your home, that lack of appeal could make finalizing a deal rather difficult because those trees represent extra cleanup work for the new owners. They also imply that if you haven’t been taking care of the trees, you might not have taken care of the house, either. If you prune the trees, though, the immediate impression of your home is much more positive, implying that you’ve cared properly for the house and yards. Don’t forget the trees in the backyard as anyone looking at the house for a potential sale will look there, too.

Tree pruning has to be done anyway if you want the trees to flourish. Many trees have branches that grow in toward the center of the tree’s canopy, blocking air and light from getting to the branches and leaves inside. This can make the tree more susceptible to fungal infections, especially after a rainstorm, and the lack of sunlight can cause the interior branches and leaves to wither. Tree pruning done at certain times also promotes new branch growth over the next season. Healthy trees do affect how people see your home, and if everything looks good, you could increase the overall value of your property.