Pruning a tree involves removing or trimming certain branches and stems. Regular pruning of trees and shrubs is necessary for maintaining a healthy, safe, and attractive landscape. There are several specific benefits of keeping your trees pruned.

Keeps Trees Healthy

Removing diseased and dying branches can help keep trees healthy and strong. Different types of insects and organisms can enter trees through diseased limbs. Certain types of trees will grow better after they’ve been pruned. If any of your trees are fruit trees, this will enhance spur growth and increase the amount of fruit produced. Pruned trees may also have a better chance of staying healthy during the winter months.

Improves Tree Shape

Pruning trees in specific ways can help them to grow in the way you want. Whether it’s large trees or small shrubs and hedges, pruning can improve the overall shape. The earlier misshaped branches and limbs are removed, the easier it will be for the tree to grow into an appealing shape.

Increases Safety

Limbs that are near power lines may cause outages if they come down during a storm. Branches that are growing over roofs, sidewalks, and streets can present a variety of safety hazards. Trees and shrubs can also damage other foliage if it grows too close together. It’s usually recommended to trim and prune trees during late winter and early spring.

Adds Value to Property

Your landscaping is the first impression people have of your home. A well-kept lawn with attractive, healthy trees can automatically make your entire house look better. Trees often grow faster after being properly pruned. Having larger, more mature looking trees can improve your overall landscape. Maintaining large trees can improve the view of your home from the street as well as your view to the outside. Keeping your trees looking great can boost the value of your home.


Keeping trees pruned and looking good not only can increase the value of your home but can save you money as well. Potential damage to roofs, sidewalks, and other items such as pools can be avoided if branches are trimmed regularly. Regular pruning may reduce the spread of disease and the cost of entire tree removal. When it’s time to get your trees in the best shape possible you need an experienced tree pruning service. Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal has 20 years of experience pruning and trimming trees, removing stumps and trees, and providing emergency crane services. They’re fully licensed and insured. Contact Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal for more information.