While the trees around our homes and businesses breathe life into the air, they can also be dangerous. From lighting strikes to hurricanes, these can easily knock down a tree and cause life-threatening situations.


If you’re ever in need of emergency tree removal services, turn to the experts here at Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal. We’re happy to provide 24-hour emergency service to Newport News, Yorktown, Hampton, and anywhere in the surrounding area.


Stand By Emergency Tree Services

The trees in our yards look amazing while also providing shade from the harsh sun. Unfortunately, severe weather can cause damage to a tree or knock it down altogether. When these emergencies strike, you can count on Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal. We have 24-hour emergency responders that can show up at your property within minutes! Whether the problem was caused by a tropical storm or a lightning strike, we can fix the issue right away. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will respond immediately to restore peace of mind to your family. When you work with Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal, you’ll feel safe and prepared to know you’ll always have us by your side.


Top-Notch Crane Solutions

While other providers offer tree removal services, some of them don’t have different crane options. This means they may not be able to solve your needs. Here at Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal, we use a variety of cranes to tackle the problem at hand. Depending on the size of the job and distance to the job site, we have the ability to bring several different crane options.

Worried about the costs? While this type of damage is covered by many insurance providers, we work with your insurance company to ensure your financial needs are met.


Choose Our Reliable Business Today!

When it comes to tree removal services, dependability makes all the difference. Whenever you need reliable tree or stump removal solutions, contact the experts here at Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal.