Newport News, VA, and surrounding areas certainly see their fair share of stormy, windy weather. Quite often, storms cause tree limbs to snap and fall or whole trees to topple, causing excess damage to your home and property. To minimize the risk, many homeowners utilize the storm protection services of Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal.


What is Storm Protection?


If you are concerned about some of your trees and the damage they might suffer during a storm or high winds, storm protection services can help put your mind at ease. Storm protection involves especially pruning trees to allow the wind to blow through them easier, reducing the chances of them blowing over or causing limbs to break off.


Trees with heavy foliage and dense canopies, dying trees, and new plantings are all high-risk, but storm protection pruning services can help almost any tree become sturdier and better prepared to face a storm.


Why Choose Walt’s Tree & Stump Removal for Storm Protection?


We’ve served Newport News, VA, and surrounding areas since 1995 and have seen it all. Our licensed, insured, experienced and professional crew possesses the skills and knowledge needed to provide expert storm protection services, ensuring that your trees will receive the proper care and services they need. While no storm protection service can be 100% foolproof, we’ll always do our best to provide the best possible service for the safety of your trees and your property.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help prepare your trees for the next storm.