The coming of spring portends a season of renewal. Landscaping becomes a priority during this period as plants bloom. Untrimmed tree branches may cause immediate hazards to neighbor residents while obstructing precious sunlight for your home garden. Trees may cause property damage to fences, windows, and sidings without proper maintenance.


A landscaping specialist can help solve your botanical woes with a thorough cleanup process.

These experts possess specialized removal techniques that prevent future damage and disease of tree bark. Building owners can rest easy knowing that they don’t have to spend a copious amount of money on recurring tree treatments.


Some essential landscaping services include:

  • Pruning – the trimming of “invasive” branches that obstruct walkways and extend toward the house.
  • Branch Removal – the elimination of lower limbs to gain clearance.
  • Stump grinding – an economical and effective method of removing deadwood tree stumps for increased yard space.
  • 24-hour emergency services – swift removal of tree-related debris resulting from natural disasters such as thunderstorms.


Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal has been offering all those services and more since 1995. Our reliable technicians are insured and licensed to serve your landscaping needs with assured quality. The team is equipped with advanced landscaping tools and equipment to get the job done swiftly. These include professional crane services and stump grinding machinery.


Amaze your visitors with a fresh and organized landscape this Spring with Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal.