Your yard’s trees can make your property look amazing. The right trees add a touch of natural beauty (and the gorgeous colors of fall) to your green space. Unfortunately, for all of their beauty, trees are always susceptible to the elements – especially when it comes to the high winds of storms.


Those damaging high winds can make things catastrophic for the trees in your yard. High winds knock down trees, send limbs everywhere, and can enact tremendous damage on your property. If not fixed, wind damage to trees could threaten not only your property – but the safety of everyone that lives there or visits.


If you’re dealing with wind damage to your trees, it’s time to give Walt’s Tree and Stump a call. If the wind blows down your trees – or compromises their integrity – we offer a safe, efficient, and effective solution to get your yard in the best shape possible.

Walt’s Tree and Stump Service offers:

  • Scalable service, with various sizes of cranes for your property based on the job’s size and distance to reach the necessary area.

  • Expert care, with every member of our team licensed and insured and experienced in storm damage services.

  • The safety you crave, with our whole team abiding by a strict safety protocol to keep technicians and property safe throughout the entire process.

Ready to get started with Walt’s Tree and Stump services? We proudly serve Newport News, Yorktown, Hampton, and Poquoson in Virginia. Learn about our services and get a free estimate at