Professional tree pruning services can do remarkable things for your property. Our team members receive training that teaches them how to carefully prune your trees to improve your home’s curb appeal and safety. Walt’s offers expert tree pruning that will add beauty and security to your property.


The Benefits of Tree Pruning

Annual trimming thins branches to keep your trees attractive and remove places where criminals can hide. When thieves look for targets, they often choose houses with overgrown yards. Something as simple as having your trees trimmed could mean that you avoid home invasions and theft.


Regular trimming can also improve your trees’ health. Each trim removes dead branches so the tree can deliver water and nutrients to thriving branches, leaves, and other parts of the plant.


The Right Time for Tree Pruning

Many people think that they should all tree pruning should happen during the fall season. Deciduous trees that drop their leaves during autumn can benefit from pruning during late fall and winter. Some trees respond better to pruning during specific points in their life cycle.


Flower trees, for example, usually need pruning after they bloom. Since some trees bloom in spring and summer, you can get them trimmed a month or so later.


Get a Free Estimate for Walt’s Pruning Services

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