As a homeowner, trees are one way you can add both beauty and functionality, in the form of shade, to your property. They can provide a great deal of enjoyment, but trees can also require a great deal of maintenance – and in some cases, they need to be taken down.

From storm damage and tree rot to electrical and other safety concerns, tree trimming and removal is a common yard maintenance task that represents a growing industry; tree trimming services grew nearly 7% in 2018, reaching $21 billion in revenue [1]. Yet as a quick solution to your more immediate safety concerns, tree removal leaves behind another unfortunate problem: unsightly tree stumps.

The Problems with Tree Stumps

Often an unattractive interruption in your landscape, these stumps can present even more serious concerns when left alone. The following are a few of the reasons that tree stumps should be removed by professionals.

  • Safety: Tree stumps, especially those that may be hidden by grass or other yard features, can become a very serious hazard. From parts of the stump breaking off and causing injuries to both children and adults tripping over the stump itself, it creates the potential for serious harm.
  • Aesthetics: Although some tree stumps can be seen as an attractive element in well-planned landscaping, most often they become an eyesore on your property. Stumps that are split or rotted are even more unsightly marks on the canvas of your lawn.
  • Yard Maintenance: Outside of a landscaped area, stumps become another obstacle to mow around, making yard work more challenging. Even within a planned area with other landscaped elements, a left-behind stump still requires extra planning to work around.
  • Pest Control: Stumps create an ideal residence for all types of less-than-welcome creatures. From wood-boring insects and ants to snakes, that old tree stump may be an unintentional welcome to pests that may end up in your home [2].

The Professional Stump Solution in Virginia

These issues and more make it very important to promptly remove tree stumps from your property. This task also requires a professional touch, as a partially completed or poorly done stump removal can cause even more problems than you had to start.

At Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal, we bring our years of experience and expert knowledge to stump removal needs in Virginia. Our stump grinders are ready to take on projects of any size while replenishing your yard with the nutrients that it needs. Call us today and learn how Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal can solve your tree stump problems.