Each year, we greet the spring because it is nice to see cold weather end. Regardless, Mother Nature is not very kind even though beautiful flowers are blooming. When big storms blow through your neighborhood, high winds can break trees in half or cause branches to fall. Tree removal services can help take care of the mess, but some homeowners are unaware of other services that contractors like Walt’s Tree offer. With some insight, homeowners will have an understanding of how these periphery tree services can save them money and grief.

Where did these termites come from?

When a storm kills a tree in the middle of your yard, it is easy to put off having it removed. Unfortunately, if you do not have the tree and stump removed, there is a chance that it will attract termites. Of course, once they are on your property, they will look for other wood to eat. For this reason, using a tree service to completely take away all of the wood that includes stump removal is a must.

Do not pay more for homeowners insurance

Trees are wonderful for shading a house and keeping it cool in the summer. Sadly, if you have a tree that falls on your roof after a storm, some homeowners insurance companies will increase your premiums. Thankfully, there is an easy way to sidestep this premium hike. Before the next storm hits, homeowners can contact a tree service to assess the trees next to their home. By checking for certain factors, a tree expert can predict whether the tree is dying and likely to become problematic during spring storms. If the tree is at the end of its life cycle, tree removal services can take it away.

Creating a new look with full-grown trees

When disaster strikes and a home’s landscape is depleted of trees, many homeowners assume that they are limited to saplings for replacements. Instead of waiting 15 years for your trees to grow in, have a tree service contractor plant a new full-grown one for you. Using modern techniques, trees as tall as 10 or more feet are carefully transplanted into yards around the United States. Naturally, an amateur homeowner will not be able to move this alone. Despite the labor and equipment involved, tree services can bring this service to the public without luxury prices.