Yard moles—a funny-sounding name for an animal, but also a name that can have deadly serious consequences for your property. They might sound cute, but if not properly dealt with, those little “yard moles” can enact a lot of damage and cause a serious hit to your wallet. So, what exactly are yard moles, what do they do, and how can Walt’s Tree and Stump Removal help? Let’s take a look at everything yard moles in this in-depth blog piece.


What Are Yard Moles?


Yard moles are exactly what they sound like: they’re little creatures that burrow underground and dine on the planet’s insects. They’re a little bit larger than your average hamster or guinea pig. Chances are you will not see them out running across your yard, as you would with a rabbit or a deer. Instead, you’ll see yard moles by their distinctive “mounds” they raise up in the yard. If you see little cone-shaped clumps of dirt and soil raised up over the grass, odds are you have a yard mole problem.


What Can Yard Moles Do to My Yard?


Yard moles can do a lot of damage to your yard. While the critters do dine on pesky insects, they’ll also eat some of your prized grass and plants—the parts in the yard you really want to save. Additionally, they can harm the whole structural integrity of your yard.